Minecraft games gives you the ability to install mods, texture packs and/or maps that makes it easier and more fun for you to play the games. While Too Many Items mods seem to be most favorite of all the mods in minecraft, there are a couple of many other useful and interesting mods that you should try out on the game. One of such mods is the INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod. The function of the INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod is similar to the Too Many Items mod, however INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod seems to be more cool and also gives you the ability to edit the inventory on a different platform outside the game. The INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod is compatible with the version 1.7.3 of the Minecraft game.

While a lot of Minecraft game players would quickly want to choose Too Many Items mod over INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod since it has the reputation of being the best mode, it is also advisable to try out the INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod. This is because INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod also has some advantages compared to Too Many Items mod. One of such advantage is that it is more easier to install the INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod when compared to installing Too Many Items Inventory. Furthermore, the INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod is more detailed than the Too Many Items mod. Furthermore, INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod allows you to stack or bring unlimited items while playing the Minecraft game.

Copyboy developed and created the INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod and the steps to install the mod is very easy. All you just have to do is to download the INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod software from the Internet, then unzip the contents of the file on your computer. You should then open the folder where the items are unzipped and run the INVedit file. After you have done this,  you can now open your Minecraft game and your new mod would be available for use.

You should therefore try the INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft mod today so as to have a feel of what it looks like to play the Minecraft game with it and explore its advantages before choosing Too Many Items mod over it.

Craftable Animals Mod


Have you ever desired to be a god in the minecraft world, giving you the ability to create? Then the mod you are looking for is the Craftable Animals mod. Once you install this application, you not only have the ability to create your own weapons and houses but you will now have the power to create your own animals.

The Craftable animals mod which is easy to use gives you the ability to create vanilla animals using a very impressive crafting template from other animals in your minecraft game droppings.

This mod therefore gives you the ability to create your own unique animals which would be peculiar to only your own minecraft game and might not be found on any other minecraft game anywhere in the world no matter the number of mods such users are able to install.

These animals will add to the beauty and fun of you game. You would also be able to beat your chest as a creator of not just mere structures and weapons which any other person can create, even in the physical world, but as a creator of animals based on your creativity and imaginations.

Perhaps, you might have been wondering what a dog with 2 legs would look like, or what a chicken with 4 legs and no wings would look like, with this Craftable animals mod, you would be able to create the animals such animals in your world and admire them as your own unique creations

To install the craftable animal mod, you will have to download the craftable animal mod application from the Internet, after which you use a file compression software such as winrar or 7zip to extract the contents. You would also need to download and install the modloader software to be able easily install this application. You then locate the minecraft.jar folder by clicking your windows start menu and running the %appdata% software. Once this is opened, you locate the .minecraft folder and click on it. You then click on the bin folder and access the minecraft.jar. You can then drag your files into the minecraft.jar folder and you are good to go.

All that is required of you now is to run your minecraft game window and start creating your own fantastic animals to add to your collection of animals. If you also want other new readymade animals, you could also consider installing the MO Creatures mod.

MineCraft Connected Textures Mod

MineCraft Connected Textures Mod

One of the major reasons people get bored with a particular game is if they get to see the same thing every time they access a game. With time, they get tired of the look and start looking for a game with a different look. People are always attracted to new things, which is why new inventions always gain attention even if they have exactly the same level of usefulness with the old version. As long as it has a new look, people tend to patronize it because of the human tendency to get bored easily with the same things. This also applies to game as the look of the game is also very important to game players just as much as the game play. A good game with a good story line and interesting play could be a turn off for players if the graphics is not up to the standard of the game players.

Furthermore, there is also the probability that you are not comfortable with few graphics of the games and just changing those part of the graphics would improve the attractiveness of the game to the player.

Connected Textures mod help to achieve this aim in minecraft as it gives you the ability to change some of the graphics of the game to your preference. It is thus possible to use the Connected Textures mod to make your game graphics more beautiful than it originally was, thus improving on the game. For instance, it is possible that you are not comfortable with the glass or the grass on the minecraft game and would have wanted to change it. You can now easily use the Connected Textures mod to make the changes. Other items that you can change with the Connected Textures mod apart from the glass and grass include the stone and chest amongst other graphics in the game.

You can therefore bring out the artistic part of you in the minecraft game by changing several of the graphics to suit your desires. You can thus change the colour of the grass or improve on the transparency of the glass so as to make it easier for you to see what is behind the glass.

To install the Connected Textures mod, you would have to download it from the Internet and extract the program and drag it into the minecraft.jar by running the %appdata% application on your computer.


Wow! We’re really excited to see this Google Maps interface for MineCraft. To see this live, check out Reddit’s MCPublic server map.

To the Google Maps interface for MineCraft up and running, download the appropriate build for your platform here:


You’ll then have to run the Overviewer and then create a config file

Thats all there is to it – here’s a list of user-contributed maps – let us know in the comments what you come up with.



We have something really interesting to share with you all! BowserJr_Smbn has made a really fun mini game map and I’ll be showing it below. I’ll also provide a download link so that you can try it out for yourself with a friend! Unfortunately this map will only work on update 0.11.0 because it requires fishing rods.

This mini game is called chicken sling! The game can be played inside this giant chicken statue! As you can imagine, you’ll need chickens to play this mini game as well as a fishing rod.

Download this map here:



Mojang has enabled beta testing of the MineCraft Android app since 2013. To sign up to get the latest features and skins you have to join the MineCraft Google+ Community and then opt into taking part in beta testing.

For those who are part of the beta, Build 10 was released yesterday for MineCraft Pocket Edition which has resulted in Skin Packs being available as an option! Each pack contains 5 free skins, but you will have to pay $1 to purchase the rest of the skins.


This new build fixes 9 bugs, ensures that third person interactions are only available in front of the player, and features increased creative mode interaction range.


Bug fixes

– Clients connecting to the server would teleport the host when spawning
– Hotbar won’t shift to the left anymore
– Fixed leaves item names
– Fixed food particles having the wrong type
– Players are affected by knockback on servers
– Players can be pulled by a fishing rod
– Chat, PotionEffect and Similar buttons will only open when tapping (not dragging).
– Increased amount of gravel on Extreme Hills Mutated biome
– World opening errors are now logged (for future fixes)