Wow! We’re really excited to see this Google Maps interface for MineCraft. To see this live, check out Reddit’s MCPublic server map.

To the Google Maps interface for MineCraft up and running, download the appropriate build for your platform here:


You’ll then have to run the Overviewer and then create a config file

Thats all there is to it – here’s a list of user-contributed maps – let us know in the comments what you come up with.



We have something really interesting to share with you all! BowserJr_Smbn has made a really fun mini game map and I’ll be showing it below. I’ll also provide a download link so that you can try it out for yourself with a friend! Unfortunately this map will only work on update 0.11.0 because it requires fishing rods.

This mini game is called chicken sling! The game can be played inside this giant chicken statue! As you can imagine, you’ll need chickens to play this mini game as well as a fishing rod.

Download this map here:



Mojang has enabled beta testing of the MineCraft Android app since 2013. To sign up to get the latest features and skins you have to join the MineCraft Google+ Community and then opt into taking part in beta testing.

For those who are part of the beta, Build 10 was released yesterday for MineCraft Pocket Edition which has resulted in Skin Packs being available as an option! Each pack contains 5 free skins, but you will have to pay $1 to purchase the rest of the skins.


This new build fixes 9 bugs, ensures that third person interactions are only available in front of the player, and features increased creative mode interaction range.


Bug fixes

– Clients connecting to the server would teleport the host when spawning
– Hotbar won’t shift to the left anymore
– Fixed leaves item names
– Fixed food particles having the wrong type
– Players are affected by knockback on servers
– Players can be pulled by a fishing rod
– Chat, PotionEffect and Similar buttons will only open when tapping (not dragging).
– Increased amount of gravel on Extreme Hills Mutated biome
– World opening errors are now logged (for future fixes)




Of all the ways to monetize MineCraft, sharing your knowledge and expertise with MineCraft might be the most rewarding.

A blog can be created in two easy steps:

1. Choose a domain name and hosting package

Once you have a domain name, go to BlueHost. There are a multitude of hosting providers but we highly recommend BlueHost. Once you are on the BlueHost site, the first step is to click on the ‘Get started now’ button.





BlueHost has a range of plans, but the most cost-effective is the Starter Plan that starts at only $3.49 per month. If you decide you want a more expensive plan at a later date you can always update, but this plan works well for starting off.




2. Install WordPress

Once you’ve completed registration with BlueHost you’ll need to go through the process of installing WordPress.

Here’s how:

  • Login to BlueHost and find the Website Builders section.
  • Click on the WordPress logo.
  • On the next page click the “Install” button in the “Do it yourself FREE” section. Click the “Check Domain” button.
  • Check the ‘Terms and conditions’ box and then click the “Install Now” button.
  • Wait until the “Your install is complete!” message appears and then click on the “View Credentials” button and make a note of your Admin URL, Username, and Password.
  • Type your Admin URL into your web browser and then enter your Username and Password from the previous step.


Thats all there is to it!

Tired of your old blocky self wearing the same blocky armours? Your diamond armour is running out of style? Then Cosmetic Armor mod might just be for you.

Created by an innovative player under the username Dmillerw, Cosmetic Armor is a simple mod that brings four additional armor slots right besides the player’s avatar on his inventory. However, unlike the regular armour slots, armours that are placed on these slots do not contribute to the player’s protection.

In fact they will only alter the appearance on the slot where you placed it and only appear visually on the player.


This allows the player to visually “wear” a different armour yet have a protection level of another one.

In vanilla minecraft you can trick players into having only a leather armour yet actually wearing diamonds.

This mod also adds 4 new armour that doesn’t really add protection. These “armours” are called skins which when equipped will stay invisible. This allows players to look like they are not wearing any armour.


The Cosmetic Armor mod is designed as a compliment mod to other mods that adds various looking armour in addition to the vanilla.

Overall, this mod is a great addition to any mod packs especially that which adds several pieces of armour or costumes. Mods such as custom NPCs or mods that adds clothes can get full benefit from this mod. If you want to include this mod to your personal mod pack or even for a public one, you will be happy to know that permission to do so is automatically granted by the owner unless found to be breaking the mod’s license.

How to install Luppii’s Ladders for Minecraft 1.7.10


  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge mod loader

  2. Download the latest version of the mod here.

  3. Hold Windows key and press R to open the Run… dialog, or go to Start > Run.

  4. Enter %appdata% and navigate to your .minecraft/mods folder.

  5. Drag and drop the .zip file downloaded in step 2 into this folder.

Did you enjoy this mod? Leave a comment below.

Today we’re going to feature a unique Minecraft seed that existed back on Minecraft version 1.6.x. This seed has a desert NPC village filled with hostilities and surprises.

The seed is:


 In this seed, you will spawn in the premise of a huge desert that generates a unique NPC village right near it.

Going to the NPC village and you will find 8 houses – sadly no blacksmith. This unique NPC village features a pyramid structure with half of its structure sunken deep into the desert sands and two surface spider dungeons linked together!


The two dungeons exist overlapping the village area and the pyramid itself – featuring some passageways inside the pyramid. The dungeons and the pyramid itself has some nice loot for starting up the early game – but battling a bunch of spiders might be a little troublesome so it’s best to explore it at day time for free stuffs.


The desert itself is wide and doesn’t feature any hills and dunes making it good for building. Next to the desert are some sweet plain biomes good for building huge structuers and a lovely patch of jungle biome surrounding a crescent beach that would be perfect for some swimming or creating a small port.

In case you miss all the fun this seed has to offer, teleport yourself to the coordinates xyz = -400 80 280.

Survival wise, this seed is amazing. You got a lot of potential spots to build epic structures, some nice loot to kick start on your adventure. The only down side are the natural trees that are far from the village – but you can always re plant somewhere near so no worries.

So if you’re still playing the old Minecraft version because of the mods you used – why not try this seed out? If you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to leave a message below.