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Aether Mod 1.6 is one of Minecraft’s most popular collaboration mods. Officially called the ‘Aether Collaboration’, this mod adds an entirely new dimension into the Minecraft world. In that dimension, players will find everything from flying pigs to new dungeons.

The new dimension you’re about to explore is called ‘the Aether’ (or simply ‘Aether’). In this dimension, players have access to a new accessory system, new blocks, new armor and weapons, new dungeons, and plenty of other features.

In Aether, players can explore dungeons and barracks that are loaded with new loot and creatures. Deadly birds shoot poisonous needles at you from the air, and gigantic Aerwhales float across the sky. There are even flying pigs wandering throughout the land, and crafty players can create a saddle, jump on a flying pig, and then take off an adventure.

In Aether, dungeons are rated on three scales of difficulty: bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze dungeons are the easiest, while gold dungeons are the hardest. As dungeons become more difficult, players can get better rewards for getting through them.

In terms of crafting, Aether adds plenty of new crafting features into the Minecraft world. Players can craft saddles or parachutes, for example. There are also plenty of new and exciting weapons to be crafted, including skyrocket sticks and dart shooters.

But the biggest addition to Aether’s crafting is the ‘Accessories’ system. The accessories system has created 8 new slots that allow you to customize your character in a number of different ways. You can give your character pendants, rings, gloves, and capes, for example.

The last Aether version was released around Christmas time. As such, the developers included festive features like Christmas trees, winter terrain, and even Christmas presents. Unfortunately, many of the presents were just TNT in disguise, giving a terrorist theme to the holiday season.

Regardless, the developers of Aether want to have fun. And as such, the Aether mod allows Minecraft players to add a little fun to their world. If you want to branch off into a new dimension and explore what a new world has to offer, then Aether is just waiting for you to try it out.

It’s easy to see Aether as like a ‘heaven’ to the Minecraft world. Since players take a portal to travel to the Aether, it truly is another dimension to explore.

How to Install Aether Mod 1.6

Step 1) Before installing Aether, make sure you have ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, AudioMod, PlayerAPI, and ShockAhPI downloaded and installed. Aether requires these mods in order to function.

Step 2) Next, navigate to the Minecraft.jar folder (search for %appdata% in the Windows search bar), then open the ‘bin’ folder

Step 3) Download Aether Mod 1.6 from here

Step 4) Drag everything from the Aether ‘Jars’ folder and put it into the Minecraft.jar folder

Step 5) Drag the files from the ‘resources’ folder into the ‘bin’ folder (press ‘Yes’ if it asks you to merge any folders)

Step 6) Start playing Minecraft

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    um…i dont think they actually updated the mod for 1.3.1 yet, plus they said they were making a sequal to this for the update…a terrorist theme for the holidays??? wtf

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    It was for 1.0.0!

  • Zane

    It was for 1.0.0!

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    how to get shock api

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    if u have 1.0.0
    Go to steps and keep going through
    till u find download here
    Click on [here]
    Download at media fire

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