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When you download a mob with a name like ‘Explosives+’ you better prepare for wanton destruction and huge blast craters. And that’s exactly what players can do using Explosives+ 1.6.

Explosives+ adds all sorts of new explosive technology into the Minecraft world. There are atomic bombs, ballistic missile launchers, and all sorts of other fun toys for users to play with.

In Explosives Plus 1.6, there are two new bombs that particularly stand out. One type of explosive will create a slowly expanding black hole which devours everything it comes across, for example, and the ballistic missile launcher is equally as impressive. The first thing players will notice about the launcher is that it’s surprisingly large. It stands tall on the terrain with arrows pointing in the direction it’s about to fire. After crafting it, players can launch an unlimited number of missiles at specified coordinates.

The Explosives+ is also completely customizable in terms of destruction. If you want to leave enormous craters across the terrain, then you can set your explosives to the ‘Go Big’ setting, for example.

In addition to the black hole bomb and the ballistic missile launcher, there are dozens of other explosive devices included in Explosives+. Here are just a few of the treats players can expect after downloading this mod:

Inverter bomb: The inverter bomb is unlike any bomb seen in the world today. Using the inverter bomb, players can destroy everything in a local area at ground level. However, after destroying everything at ground level, the inverter bomb drags the blocks up to a specified height in the sky and recreates the terrain from the inside out. So, if you want to really mess around with villagers in Minecraft, then the inverter bomb will help you do that.

Repulsion beam: The repulsion beam is a handheld gun that allows players to fire at any part of the terrain and watch that terrain explode. The repulsion beam is surprisingly powerful, and the destruction effects are enormous.

Anti-gravity laser: Lift anything off the ground using the anti-gravity laser. Simply right-click to activate the device and right-click again to deactivate it.

Configurator: The configurator is one of the few additions to Explosives+ that isn’t actually explosive. Instead, the configurator is simply an advanced crafting table that allows you to modify items you are currently holding.

Nova bomb: The nova bomb creates one of the coolest effects in the Minecraft world. After firing off the nova bomb, it will create a crater that causes all of the blocks nearby to gather in a swirling sphere of destruction suspended in the air. Then, the sphere will suddenly explode outward, scattering those blocks far across the landscape. The effect is truly spectacular, and it’s fun just to play around with the nova bomb.

Biome buster: And last, but certainly not least, we have the biome buster. As clever readers will have already guessed, the biome buster bomb is bad news for whatever Minecraft biome you’re currently standing it. This bomb will destroy an entire biome with a single explosion. However, in order to truly appreciate this bomb you’ll have to have a powerful computer. Players can also set the range of destruction that they want the buster bomb to affect, and the bomb can destroy well over 64 million blocks in total, making it the largest explosive device in the Minecraft community today.

There are dozens of other bombs included in the world of Explosives+, including nuclear bombs, precision TNT, hydrogen bombs, boom sticks, AC-130s, and even a volcano. The best way to experience all of these bombs is to download the mod yourself and try them out. Or, if you want to watch the explosives in action, check out the official Explosives+ forum thread here.

Ultimately, if you want to create massive amounts of destruction across your Minecraft world, then the Explosives+ mod will help you do that. With a number of exciting and creative bombs to discover, blowing up mountains and terrain has never been more fun.

How to install Explosives+ Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download and install ModLoader and Forge API (in that order)

Step 2) Download Explosives Plus from here

Step 3) There are two folders inside the Explosives Plus folder – ‘put in mods’ and ‘put in resources’. Place the Explosives Plus .jar file from the ‘put in mods’ folder inside the .minecraft/mods folder

Step 4) Then, place the ‘nuke’ folder from the ‘put in resources’ folder inside the /resources/newsound folder

Step 5) Start playing and enjoy! Make sure you backup your worlds before you start destroying them using bombs like the genesis bomb or biome buster

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