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INVedit, also known as Minecraft Inventory Editor, is Minecraft’s premier inventory editing tool. Using this tool, players can easily change their single player inventories. Server hosts can also change the multiplayer inventories of players.

This allows anybody to change the inventory that players start out with, but it also allows anybody to adjust inventories on the fly. The interface of the Minecraft Inventory Editor is meant to replicate the Minecraft UI as realistically as possible, which means it’s easy to stack items, group items together, and perform other useful functions.

INVEdit is so much more than just an inventory editing system. It also allows players to add, edit, and remove enchantments from various items, and players have the ability to give any item any enchantment with any level.

Players can also create tabs of different inventory screens, making it easy to edit multiple inventories at the same time. Basically, this tool has everything you need to change player inventory menus, and the creator of this tool has thought of virtually everything.

Once you’re done editing the inventory, it can easily be saved and loaded the next time you need it.

For any inventory editing needs, use the Minecraft Inventory Editor. It’s the easiest and most functional inventory editing tool available in the Minecraft community today.

How to install INVEdit for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

The Minecraft Inventory Editor can be downloaded from this forum thread. That thread will also show the various controls needed to edit inventory screens on the fly. The INVEdit tool can be installed by simply running the executable file included in the tool’s folder.

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