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Mod Maker Basic

Minecraft has a deep modding community, but most Minecraft players have no idea how to create mods on their own. Normally, modding requires at least some form of coding knowledge – usually Java – and that restricts many players from customizing Minecraft the way they want to.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a computer genius to create mods in Minecraft anymore. Thanks to Mod Maker Basic, any average Minecraft player can become a modder with a number of simple, easy to use tools.

How does Mod Maker Basic work? Well, players have access to tools like a Recipe Maker, Item Customizer, Block Customizer, and many more features. Using these tools, it’s easy to create new things in the Minecraft world.

The big selling point of the mod is that there is no Java required. Since Java is the primary coding language used to create Minecraft mods, this is Mod Maker Basic’s most popular selling feature.

Mod Maker Basic is currently a work in progress, so it’s not a perfect tool just yet. However, players who want to express their creativity without spending hours learning a coding language can effectively use the mod to create all sorts of new textures and items.

You might not be able to make a total conversion mod with Mod Maker Basic, but you can certainly add some fun new features. Whether you want to add a certain weapon into the game or you want to try adding a range of new blocks, Mod Maker Basic has opened up the world of Minecraft modding to those who have no experience in creating mods. Try it today to see what you can create!

How to install Mod Maker Basic for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download Mod Maker Basic from its official forum thread

Step 2) Download Minecraft Coder Pack from here

Step 3) Open the /jars folder in the Minecraft Coder Pack and place an unmodded /bin folder inside

Step 4) Put the ‘Resources’ folder into the /jars folder of the Minecraft Coder Pack

Step 5) Run the ‘Decompile.bat’ file in the Minecraft Coder Pack

Step 6) Place the .exe file from the Mod Maker Basic folder into the Minecraft Coder Pack folder

Step 7) Run that .exe file

Step 8) Follow the steps to create your mod

Step 9) Run the ‘Recompile.bat’ file included in the Minecraft Coder Pack

Step 10) Run the ‘Reobf.bat’ file included in the Minecraft Coder Pack

Step 11) Place all the class files from the /reobf/minecraft folder of the Minecraft Coder Pack into the Minecraft.jar folder to install your mod

Step 12) Start up Minecraft and start testing out your mod!

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  1. This isn’t .EXE file now, it’s jar file. Voxel napisz co ci pisze w tych plikach Decompile.bat, Recompile.bat i Reobf.bat. Może po prostu nie wiesz, że do tego jest potrzebny JDK (Java Development Kit). Jeżeli tego nie masz zainstalowanego to wpisz w google jdk i kliknij piąty od góry link. Tam jest JDK do łatwego ściągnięcia. Mam nadzieję,że pomogłam :)

  2. To: users of Mod Maker Basic

    From: superpinkie1

    Does this mod maker contain any viruses or bugs? I do not want my computer to slow down in any way or make Minecraft work any different as it already does. I am hoping to get a mod maker that does not contains any bugs or viruses, is free, works on all/most Windows computers, and requires no more than 2 downloads to work. Is there a program that meets my standards I am looking for, or is there one close to my standards I am looking for? I have never heard or downloaded this mod maker, so I would like to hear from someone who has added this program into their computer. I also would like it to not be very buggy at all. It would be nice if it is easy to set up onto my Windows computer.

    My mod is going to be a pet mod where players can interact with their pets. It will let players feed, play, and interact with their cunning new friend. I will hopefully contain neighbors, stores, people, and many more items. I will add new items and animals, along with the animals and items Minecraft already contains. This is for a video, and I am not going to put any pre-made mod into the one I am hoping to make. I will, although, add new and old blocks to this mod. Will everything I am asking for crash my computer and/or Minecraft? Will I have to put it online for everyone to use? I want mine unique and I being the only one who has it so that I could play it for my uses only. I do not like anyone else using and uploading creations I made. I know that Mo’ Creatures is alike to what I am asking for, but Mo’ Creatures is much more harder in survival than ordinary Minecraft. I may also change the look of blocks, too. I may make cars, and planes, and boats, and I know that this will be much more work, so I may not contain everything I listed here in this paragraph.
    Thank you for your help!

  3. I’d like to see a video for all of this… Or, how is this thing? Does it work? Is it really that easy to use? Is it so totally AWESOME?

  4. WOW flipping modders should stop using modloader because the bin file is only gotten by using 1.4.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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