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Minecraft’s Orespawn mod is one of the most popular mods available today. With the Orespawn mod, players enjoy access to a greater number of ores along with a plethora of other creative features – including bacon and the ability to get an in-game girlfriend. What?

Yes, the Orespawn Mod is more than meets the eye. Here are some of the features players can expect to enjoy with this mod:

-New ores and ore spawns

-Uranium, titanium, ancient ores, enderpearl blocks, and more

-Ultimate swords, Ultimate armor, Ultimate bows

-Eye of Ender blocks

-Critter cages

-Lava eel armor

-The Ultimate Fishing Rod

-Magic apples, strawberry plants, fire fish, apple cows

-“Miner’s Dream”

-“Awesome sound effects”

-Corn plants, corn dogs, moths, butterflies, mosquitos, and a boss enemy called Mothra (yes, that Mothra)


-It works in multiplayer

-Emerald armor, Emerald tools, Emerald swords

-Experience armor, Experience sword, Experience orb catcher

-Dancing girlfriends that talk to you

-Ray guns and laser charges

-Experience tree

-Lava foam



-Evil robots, giant lizards, attack squids, and the Kraken

-“Bugs, bugs, and more bugs”


-Rideable ostrich

-A ‘WTF’ mob

Yes, this mod’s feature list is all over the chart. The goal of the mod is to make Minecraft more fun, which really should be the point of every mod, in my opinion. To make the game more fun, the Orespawn Mod adds all sorts of crazy features far beyond what you would expect from a mod called ‘orespawn’.

Some of the weapons – like the nuclear powered Ultimate Bow – are designed to be ridiculously overpowered, so you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to unbalance the game. You can also toggle girlfriend voices on and off if you don’t want to be hit with crippling loneliness every time you hear a real girl talk inside a game that is not real.

To get a girlfriend (in Minecraft and possibly in real life), walk up to her and right click on her with a Red Rose. You may have to do this up to twelve times. To untame a girl, right click on them with a Dead Bush. You can make your girlfriend ‘stay’ and ‘stop speaking’ and perform other commands. She will also fight to defend her boyfriend against Creepers and other enemies. Girlfriends can even swim in lava. Go figure.

Between the girlfriend feature and the diverse new ores and dimensions, the Orespawn Mod is one of the zaniest Minecraft mods available today. To learn why this mod is one of the most popular Minecraft mods out there, follow the instructions below to install it.

How to install the Orespawn Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5/1.7.9

Step 1) Download and install Minecraft Forge

Step 2) Download the latest version of the Orespawn Mod from here

Step 3) Drag and drop the Orespawn Mod .zip folder into the .minecraft/mods folder

Step 4) Start playing and enjoy!

  • 24g4gt42g4r4

    where do ya download?

    • dat one guy

      in step 1,2,3,4, click “from here”

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    dont have a mod foler

    • Joni0212

      make one

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    Download frge for 1.7.2
    then run it if it has an error run minecraft 1.7.2 first than quit game
    /than change ur profile to forge after u run forge itself than play and quit agian
    than type %appdata% in start or r than press enter and then type it … either way
    than enter ur .minecraft folder and click mods and than go to downloads than bring ur mod out of that folder than bring it to ur desktop than go back to ur mods folder and drag the mod in
    thn try minecraft if it says 4mod loaded 4 mods active at the bottom left it meas it worked and if ur game crashes it means the mod is bad

    • sactler

      pls i cnt use it it always crashes

      • DaDiamondAxe


        • Erik Holtrop

          I think what is happening is that the download is for 1.6.2 and you guys are using 1.7.2

          • Rotius

            it says that it works for 1.7.2, anyway, where’s the download?

          • Erik Holtrop

            click “from here”

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            theres no link called “from here”

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    Thanks For The Help :)

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    Are you sure this is 1.7.2, the dowload is for 1.6.2.

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    it doesn’t show ware to download

  • coolcatcoco

    ware do ya download is there a second page or what

  • dude man

    So which side are you on in the rivalry of the king and Godzilla from the godzilla mod. Personaly I am om godzilla’s side. Choose a side.


      King from OreSpawn (My Opinion Only).

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    Also I meant on and the battl I currently not possible

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    it keeps crashing my game and it has no other mods

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  • Marco

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    it doesnt work it keeps crashing my game

    • Mobzillarocks

      Are you on 1.6.4?

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  • abaideme


  • abaideme

    that’s wrong thing

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    i don’t have a mod folder

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      Just create one

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    from here

  • nenad13

    from here

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    do u need a jar or a zip

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    go to step 2 and click from here

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    Aonde Baixa

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      n sei preciso rápido desse mod se vc já consegui descobrir fala onde fica e eu quero para 1.7.2

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    This one isn`st 1.7.2 update it

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    WERE DO I CLICK!!!!!!!!

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    i have Minecraft yet i don’t have a mod folder how do i make one

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    i cant find any bfs or gfs in the game or does it HAVE to be in easy,normal or hard?

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    when i put in my mods folder an d played mine craft nothing happened! Well it didn’t crash but there was no ore spawn stuff!

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    it keeps crashing my game when i download it

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