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The SkyBlock map is a popular and challenging map that forces players to complete a number of different objectives. Players spawn on an island in the sky. But the island is more of a few blocks linked together than an actual island. From this tiny piece of land, players will have to perform all sorts of different tasks in order to ‘beat’ SkyBlock.

There will be a chest on your first island. In that chest will be all the material you need to create a cobblestone generator. While space on the island is at a premium, there is enough room for players to create a cobblestone generator and then a charcoal furnace.

The map ends up being a challenging series of puzzles. After building a furnace and generator on their first island, players can build a bridge to the next island, called the ‘Sand Island’. Building a land bridge takes some time, so patience is certainly required in order to play SkyBlock.

On the Sand Island, players will find a chest that features all of the ingredients needed to proceed further into the game. Next, players have to build a nether portal and complete many other challenges. We’re not going to spoil the entire map here, but there are plenty of new challenges for players to discover as they progress throughout the world of SkyBlock.

Here are a few sample challenges that players will encounter:

-Craft 10 green wool

-Craft 20 ladders

-Collect 64 bonemeal

-Craft 20 cobblestone stairs

-And more! There are approximately 50 challenges in total

SkyBlock has been praised as being simple but ingenious, and many people see it as the ultimate survival map. After all, one mistake early in the map will force you to restart. You have to manage items and blocks efficiently and plan ahead at all times. Oh, and try not to fall off your island into the abyss below.

How to Install SkyBlock Map for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Minecraft maps and worlds are generally installed the same way. Here’s a step by step guide:

Step 1) Download SkyBlock 1.6 from its official forum thread

Step 2) Open the SkyBlock .zip folder using your favorite extraction program

Step 3) Open your .minecraft folder (running %appdata% in a run command box can help you find it)

Step 4) Open the ‘saves’ file

Step 5) Drag the SkyBlock map file into the saves file

Step 6) Start playing!

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    haw do you get it

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    thank you

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    eu nao sei como coloka o treco

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    oi quem aki tem minecraft 1.3.2?
    eu quro entrar no mudo lan de auquem aki
    ai eu posso ajudar a voces construir :D

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    how do you download it

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    tell me now!

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    Download is broken.

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    where is the download link??? stupid admins…

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    this peace of shit doesn’t work and media fire is bull shit because it gives you the wrong file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BICHES!

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    AWESOME MAP! bretty cool also i made it to the SAND ISLAND!!!! AND NETHER DIED!

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    for all that can’t find the link read step one and click “its official website”

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